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    Seller FAQs

    How do I register myself as a Merchant (Seller) on qcoom?

    If a seller sells new and genuine products, they can register immediately by signing up here.Within 3 business days, a point of contact from the qcoom team will get in touch with the Seller to guide them through the rest of the process.

    Who can sell on Qcoom?

    Any business/company big or small can become aSeller on qcoom, as long they are authorized primary or as a reseller of that Product, or purchased or other-wise legally acquired that Product from an authorized reseller of that Product, or otherwise have a legal right to sell that Product If the Seller is not a business man individual, than qcoom will need more information. Please contact us on contactus@qcoom.com.bd to register your request.

    What are the charges of Selling on qcoom ?

    Listing products on qcoom is at no cost! Qcoom also does not charge Seller any-thing for listing their products online. A Seller how ever must oblige qcoom by paying a Platform Fee(i.e. a discount on the actual price of the product). This applies when the product is sold to the qcoom user/customer. Seller can share a query to the qcoom team via the Call Center.......or send an email to contactus@qcoom.com.bd for more information

    I as a Seller do not have a website (ecommerce) to take payments, as I am a small Seller or retailer.Which solution would be best for me?

    Qcoom is a complete platform for taking orders for Sellers. It is a complete platform which can handle listings, purchases, payments, refunds and reports. It does not necessarily require a website to be integrated with the platform, there are alternative methods for Seller to update their products and become a Seller.

    How long will it take to get qcoom account for Seller(s)?

    After filling out the qcoom sign up form,qcoom will need to gather some additional information before opening a Seller account. Time can thus vary case to case.

    How soon will I get my money after the transactionis processed?

    Transactions are usually deposited into your bank account in agreed term of business days after confirmed delivery of the order. This is set on the rule T+(n) where T = Order Transaction Completion of delivery and (n) = the number of days agreed with Seller for disbursing payment

    Can I create coupons or promotional discounts on the platform?

    Yes, the Seller (Seller) has the flexibility to create coupons or discounts that work for your business through qcoom Seller Center. Seller can customize coupons and promos by days,products, categories, time, locations or even types of customers. However, this requires pre-approval from qcoom platform.

    What if I need to cancel my Seller agreement?

    Seller (Seller) can terminate the use of qcoom platform at any time with a 60-90-day notice period

    How does Seller Financing work?

    With this option, Sellers get financing for 3, 6,9 and 12 months periods based on the transactional history Seller has maintained with the bank. The Financing line is instantly approved/processed.However, delays may be subject to any documentation issues


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