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    Brinjals Round-গোল বেগুন-1 kg

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    <p>Brinjal, is a very low calorie vegetable and has healthy nutrition. Several varieties of Brinjal grown all around the world. It contains good amounts of many essential B-complex groups of vitamins such as pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), pyridoxine (vitamin B6) and thiamine (vitamin B1), niacin (B3). These vitamins are essential in the sense that body requires them from external sources to replenish and required for fat, protein and carbohydrate metabolism. this vegetable is an also good source of minerals like manganese, copper, iron and potassium. Manganese is used as a co-factor for the antioxidant enzyme, superoxide dismutase. Potassium is an important intracellular electrolyte that helps counter pressing (hypertension) effects of sodium.</p>
    Tk 70.00

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